Las Vegas Track Club


The Las Vegas Track Club was incorporated in Nevada in April, 1969 and is one of the oldest non-profit running organizations in Southern Nevada. Our goal is to help our members, our visitors and guests enjoy running and walking as a lifetime fitness activity.

Throughout the year we host youth scholarship fundraisers and other events to help support young runners from elementary school through high school. All profits from our events are given back to the community in the form of grants to area youth running teams, and as scholarships to local high school seniors.


  • $20.00 (One year)
  • $33.00 (Two year)
  • $44.00 (Three year)
  • $200 (Lifetime)


  • $25.00 (One year)
  • $43.00 (Two year)
  • $58.00 (Three year)
  • $250 (Lifetime)

Student (19 & under)

  • $10.00 (One year)
  • $17.00 (Two year)
  • $23.00 (Three year)

Las Vegas Track Club

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Alternatively, you can download the Las Vegas Track Club Membership Application to complete return in person.


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